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Restorative Dentistry


Which restorative dentistry option is right for you?
Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation in Concord, CA

You Can Get Your Healthy Smile Back

Do you have one or more teeth that are severely damaged? If, for any reason, you have a tooth or teeth in need of fillings, root canals, or any other restorative work, we can help you. At Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation, we take pride in the restorative dentistry work we do for our Concord patients. We will do absolutely everything in our power to save an entire tooth or to save as much of a tooth as possible.

Whether you need a filling and a single partial crown or you are in need of root canals, extractions, and dental implants, we are here for you to give you excellent restorative dentistry services in Concord. Your dental health is directly related to your overall health, and we are passionate about helping you improve your health and wellness.


If you have mild tooth decay that has only penetrated the enamel of a tooth and has not yet reached the pulp, we can stop its progress and return your tooth to a healthy state by removing the decay and filling the cavity for you. You can choose between metal fillings made of amalgam or cast gold, or you may want a filling that’s the same color as your teeth and won’t show when you smile or open your mouth.

For tooth-colored fillings, we will use a composite resin to fill the area of decay and repair your smile. Many patients prefer this method because composite looks better, but it also keeps your teeth free of potentially harmful mercury. Composite resin is the same material we use for tooth bonding, which ensures a strong, lasting filling that can be placed anywhere in your smile!

Root Canals

If the decay has reached the sensitive pulp beneath the enamel, you’ll need a root canal to remove the infected pulp and clean out the root canals of the tooth. After the tooth has been cleaned of infection, we will fill the canals and replace the pulp with a biocompatible material. Afterward, you will most likely need to have a crown made to build up and cover your tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

To restore a single tooth that is broken down or decays, you will usually only need a crown, which we can create in-house for you in a single visit. If you are missing a tooth, we may suggest a bridge, which is a single piece made to look like the teeth it will replace. Like a single crown, which is anchored to the tooth it replaces, a bridge can be anchored to the two teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

Implants and Dentures

If a number of teeth are damaged to the point that we cannot save them, we may recommend dental implants or dentures. For implants, we will recommend an oral surgeon who can place the implant in your jaw. When the anchor has healed, we will install a crown over it, or we can install a permanent bridge over several implants if that’s preferable. You may also choose partial or full dentures instead of implants for your restorative treatment.

No matter the severity of your dental problems, we can help you with restorative dentistry in Concord. Call us today at (925) 689-1772 to schedule an appointment and talk with Dr. Hlavac about your options for treatment.

Smile Design


Begin Your New Smile with Smile Design Services
Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation in Concord, CA

We’ve created and customized our Smile Design service to cater to all of your cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs. When you come in for Smile Design in Concord, we will take all of the aspects of your facial features, the color and shape of your teeth, and everything you need to create the most beautiful smile possible.

What’s Involved With Smile Design?

When you sit down with Dr. Hlavac to discuss your Smile Design makeover, he will listen to all of your concerns and make recommendations to completely transform your smile with whiter, straighter, more even, and well-shaped teeth. Depending on your needs, your Smile Design may include:

  • Teeth whitening – Say goodbye to discoloration and stains, and say hello to sparkling, white teeth!
  • Invisalign – We can even use the Invisalign simulator to give you an idea of how your teeth will look once treatment is complete.
  • Gum reshaping – If you have a gummy smile, we can get more of your teeth showing with diode soft-tissue laser treatments.
  • Veneers, bonding, or crowns – For broken, uneven, or otherwise damaged or dulled teeth, you can choose the best option to lengthen, even, and fill in your teeth while minimizing gaps, too.

Every Smile Design is Different

Every one of our patients has different dental needs, and so no two of our Smile Designs are exactly alike. If you need a full set of veneers, for example, you will likely not need teeth whitening treatments. On the other hand, you may only need to do a bit of whitening and some composite resin bonding to get your smile in tip-top shape.

Using Smile Design, we will have a dental laboratory create a diagnostic wax-up, which is essentially a very accurate sculpture of what your teeth will look like after we’re finished with your smile makeover. We can even use the Invisalign Outcome Simulator to show the outcome of your orthodontic work! This will give you a great idea of what you have to look forward to and just how much you’ll enjoy the true beauty of your new, healthy smile!

Interested in Smile Design in Concord? Give us a call today at (925) 689-1772 to make an appointment and discuss your options. Or you can fill out our online contact form, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.