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Gorgeous Veneers Available Here!
Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation in Concord, CA!

Years of grinding and chewing can wear teeth down. A traumatic fall can chip them. Sometimes, we’re just born with uneven or gapped teeth. Do we have to just accept it and live with a less-than-attractive smile? Do we have to hide our teeth from the world our whole lives? Absolutely not.

Veneers provide a wonderful restorative and cosmetic solution to a lot of dental problems. They are incredibly thin but very durable shells made to be perfectly cemented to your teeth and to essentially act as new enamel. This way, they can completely hide broken or damaged teeth, and they can fill in gaps between your teeth, too. Better yet, they can do all that and give you a whiter smile with fewer chances of tooth decay in the future (if you maintain good dental hygiene, visit Dr. Hlavac regularly, and take measures to prevent cavities).

Types of Veneers

At Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation, we use Impress brand veneers, which come in both prep and no-prep versions so that you can choose whether or not to have your tooth enamel etched prior to cementing your veneers in place. Both of these techniques have their advantages, depending on your teeth and your reasons for getting veneers, and we will be happy to go over these with you when you come in for your appointment.

We provide veneers in a variety of materials – including EMax and traditional porcelain – so that you can choose the one that best fits you and your teeth.

What to Expect

When you come in for veneers, we will take an X-ray of your teeth to ensure that veneers are the best choice for you and that there is no underlying decay that we need to take care of before proceeding. Then, with prep-style veneers, we will shave down a very thin layer of enamel to allow room for the veneers (no-prep veneers do not require this part), and we’ll take an impression of your mouth. We’ll send that impression to a dental laboratory, where your veneers will be created for you. Within just a week or two, your veneers will arrive. Then we will cement them into place, and you can enjoy your gorgeous new smile!

If you’re interested in veneers or any of our other dental services in Concord, please give us a call at 925-391-2718 to schedule an appointment, or you can fill out our online contact form.