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Cosmetic Dentistry

Want a More Attractive Smile?

Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation in Concord, CA

Cosmetic dentistry is entirely dedicated to creating a more attractive smile and giving you more confidence in your appearance. It covers everything from whitening to straightening, as well as repairing or replacing broken teeth and filling in tooth gaps to give you a flawless set of pearly whites.

What kinds of cosmetic procedures can you get when you make an appointment with Dr. Hlavac at our Concord office? Our smile-improving treatments include but are not limited to:


You can have teeth whitening done in the office, or we can make a set of custom dental trays for you to use at home with incredibly effective whitening gel from the KöR Deep Bleaching system. In-office treatments can often be done in a single session, while at-home treatments take about two weeks to show significant whitening changes.


Did your parents skip taking you to the orthodontist? Did you have perfectly straight teeth when you were younger, but they’ve started to shift since then? Invisalign’s custom-fit, clear trays let you realign your teeth without recalling any of the embarrassment or discomfort of having a mouth full of braces.


For chipped, worn, or uneven teeth, a set of ultra-thin custom shells can be made using either porcelain or composite resin. Veneers are cemented over teeth and can be used to correct a gummy smile, straighten uneven teeth, or erase the effects of a chipped tooth.


With a single visit, a tooth-colored material made of composite resin can be bonded to a broken or chipped tooth to replace the missing or damaged part of the tooth. While not as resilient as veneers, dental bonding can be done without sending materials off to a dental laboratory, and once Dr. Hlavac is finished, you won’t be able to tell where your bonding ends and where your tooth begins.

CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns are made in-office and the whole procedure can be completed in a single visit, making them one of the most attractive options for replacing or covering broken or damaged teeth. If only a partial crown is necessary to solve the problem, we are happy to work to save as much of the natural tooth as possible and to only cover what’s needed.

We will also recommend CEREC crowns to patients who’ve had root canals, as these will replace the decayed tooth and give you back your smile without any waiting period.

Gum Reshaping With Diode Soft-Tissue Laser

A “gummy” smile happens when your teeth appear short because your gums descend far down over them. With this minimally invasive diode soft-tissue laser technique, we can effectively reshape your gums to give them a more even, balanced appearance and to improve the look of your whole smile.

Other cosmetic restoration treatments that we offer include Smile Makeover and Smile Design, all-ceramic restorations, and inlays and onlays, which repair and prevent tooth decay as well as increase the attractiveness of your smile. If you have one or more missing teeth keeping you from giving the world a big grin, we can help you with bridges or dental implants, too.

For more information on any of our dental cosmetic treatments or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hlavac at our office in Concord, call us today at 925-391-2718 or fill out our online contact form.