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Transform Your Smile With Invisalign

  • November 11, 2015

Transform Your Smile With Invisalign

Welcome back to our Concord, California dentist’s blog!

We hope that this platform has been a useful resource for health and wellness information and that you will soon come see us in person to learn more about our dentistry services.

At Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation, we are ready to meet the oral health needs of your entire family.

Speaking of family, are you ready for Thanksgiving?

We are! Nothing beats a day of hanging out with loved ones, watching football, and consuming a delicious meal.

There are always those priceless photo opps too.

But for some folks that can be a cause for embarrassment.

Is your smile one that you will be proud to share when the cameras inevitably come out?

If it isn’t, you probably have mixed emotions about any sort of social gatherings.

And that is no way to go through life. Your confidence and happiness are actually bound up in the way you feel about yourself and your look.

Whatever you are dealing with in your mouth, we can turn things around for you with one of our cosmetic dentistry solutions or through an adult orthodontic treatment.

Yes, we said orthodontic treatment, as in braces, straighter teeth, etc.

We know what you are probably thinking. You want nothing more than to address the dental issues that have plagued you all these years. But in your mind orthodontics are for teenagers, and you are well past the point in life at which braces are even remotely acceptable. Well, think again.

In our Concord, CA dental office, we have a better way to accomplish a smile transformation than through conventional metal braces. It’s a wonderful new method known as Invisalign.

Invisalign was designed to meet the needs of busy adult patients who are professionally active and have little time or patience for all the hassles of traditional braces.

What’s So Special About Invisalign?

The type of braces you remember from middle school or high school would take 2-3 years to successfully move adult teeth that have firmly settled into place. Invisalign can make that happen in about 12 months, depending on your unique set of circumstances.

With old school braces you would have to endure a mouthful of metal for the duration of your treatment. To achieve the desired results, you would receive brackets and wires that require in-office adjustments every month. Unfortunately, the hardware itself would never come out. You would also have to change what you eat, and carry special tools for cleaning out all the food that your metal braces would collect.

Invisalign doesn’t work like that at all. Instead, we would plot out your movements in advance and design a series of clear, plastic aligners based on images of your teeth and our ideal projections. These comfortable aligners actually do all the realignment work in small increments.

We love that the Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, and can be switched out at the appropriate times by you instead of coming in for office adjustments. As such, no one will ever know about or comment on your treatment, unless you want them to.

What’s more, you won’t have to change up your diet or conceal special cleaning implements with Invisalign. That’s because these aligners can be removed at dinner time, and for rinsing. You will want to leave them 20 hours or so each day to stay on track but it is nice to know that they aren’t a permanent fixture.

In the end you will be astonished at what Invisalign can do for you. By next Thanksgiving, you won’t have to worry about crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth getting in the way of the festivities.

You’ll definitely have something to smile about!

Find Out If Invisalign Can Fix Your Smile

In our Concord, CA dentist’s office, we have seen Invisalign work wonders for many of our adult patients. It is a perfect method of transforming smiles for folks who want a solution that adapts to their lifestyle rather than the other way around.

To find out more, or to schedule your Invisalign consultation, contact us today!

We can’t wait to get started.

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!