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Three Ways To Reclaim Your Smile

  • September 1, 2016

A beautiful smile has a way of lifting your spirits. When you are a feeling good, you can’t help smiling.

And sometimes when you are feeling down, you just need to see someone else’s smile — your spouse’s, your children’s, a close friend’s — to help you feel better.

That’s why it’s unfortunate that some people feel bad about their smiles. Some people reluctant to smile even when they are happy because they are embarrassed by or ashamed of the condition of their teeth.

The restorative services provided at the office of Robert I. Hlavac, D.D.S., can fix that. At our dentist office in Concord, CA, we can help you address a number of issues with our many restorative dental services.

Today, we will be discussing three problems and the ways you can fix them.


☐ 1. You have tooth decay.

You thought that was a piece of food stuck in your teeth. It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. The problem is when you tried to wipe it away, nothing happened.

That’s when you realized it wasn’t a little piece of lunch. It was a cavity.

No one wants to have a cavity, but more than 90 percent of adults will get one at some point, according to national health officials.

If you noticed this early, then this can be fixed with a dental filling. At our office, we offer gold, amalgam, and tooth-colored fillings. Our tooth-colored fillings will restore the shape and function of your teeth and conceal the location of your cavity a the same time.

Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t notice the cavity until it has had time to grow (although some people will put off going to the dentist longer than they should). If the cavity is too large for a filling, then we may be able to fix it with our CEREC dental crowns.

With CEREC, you can get your dental crown in a single visit to our office. These crowns are created in our office, and they can save you the time of having a crown made in a laboratory.


☐ 2. You damaged your tooth.

Imagine you are at the movies. You’ve got a soft drink, some candy, and a bucket of popcorn (to share, of course). During the previews, you grab a handful of that butter treat and think about how good this movie is going to be.

As the first act is drawing to a close, so is your popcorn. As you bite into that last handful of popcorn, something is different. You bit into an unpopped kernel, and it hurts.

You may have chipped your tooth. You may have cracked it. Either way, you know it will need to be fixed.

This is another time when a same-day dental crown can come in handy. If you make an appointment at our office, we can prepare your tooth, make your crown, and place your crown before you leave.


☐ 3. You have lost a tooth.

You’ve enjoyed playing for your company softball team this summer. It’s been more fun than you expected considering how long it’s been since you used a baseball or softball glove.

At least it was fun until you forgot that you aren’t 18 years old anymore. You were racing — OK, you were running as fast as you can still run — to track down a pop-up.

the problem is so was one of your teammates, but neither of you called for the ball. Instead of making a great catch, you looked more like a highlight from one of those blooper videos. Unfortunately, this collision did more than cost your team a run. It also cost you a tooth.

Thankfully, you can have your tooth — your whole tooth — replaced at our dentist office in Concord, CA.

We can place a dental implant in your jaw to replace the root of your missing tooth. Then, we can affix a dental crown to the implant.

The end result will look, feel, and function like your natural tooth. In fact, the only people who may know that one of your teeth is fake are the ones who were at the game when the accident happened.


How Can We Improve Your Smile?

Robert I. Hlavac, D.D.S., and the rest of our staff will be glad to restore your smile with any of our services. To get started, all you need to do is make an appointment. You can do this by calling 925-391-2718 or by contacting us with our online form.