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Three Crowns For Three Brothers

  • May 16, 2016

Imagine three brothers named Carl, Chris, and Clyde. They each had a dental problem, but couldn’t decide the best way to fix it.

One-by-one they visited the good dentist Robert I. Hlavac, D.D.S. At his office in Concord, CA, they each learned that one simple solution could help them all. Dental crowns were the answer for each of their situations.

Carl’s Tooth Decay

Carl’s problems started at home. He didn’t take care of his teeth the way he was should have (brushing twice a day and flossing once every day, too).

Now, he has developed tooth decay. One of his teeth has a big dark spot on it, and that tooth has been starting to hurt a little bit, too.

When Carl visited the dentist, he didn’t know what to expect. He thought they might have to remove his tooth completely.

Instead, Dr. Hlavac said he could reshape the tooth by removing the decayed parts. The rest of his tooth would be carefully shaped into an abutment. This would provide the support for his dental crown to be bonded in place.

At some other dentist offices, Carl would have to return another day to get his dental crown. Those dentists would place a temporary crown on his tooth until this permanent crown was ready.

Fortunately for Carl (and Dr. Hlavac’s other patients), his office offers CEREC same-day dental crowns. CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic reconstruction.

The on-site milling machine receives the instructions from a computer to reshape a ceramic cube into a dental crown. Because the CEREC crown could be made in the office, Carl left that same day with his permanent dental crown bonded in place.

He wouldn’t need to wear a temporary crown or risk having it break or fall off while he waited for his real crown to come back from a lab.

Chris’s Broken Tooth

Chris was always the best athlete in the family. At least, he thought he was. This sometimes led him to show off.

During a recent softball game, he decided to go all out to make a diving catch. (That’s was the plan.) Chris tripped as a he raced for the ball. It didn’t land in his glove. Instead, the ball hit the ground and took an awkward bounce … right into Chris’s mouth.

His teammates rushed over to check on him when one of them noticed a part of one of Chris’s teeth lying on the ground.

Fortunately, Chris knew what to do. He rinsed out his mouth to remove any dirt and blood. Then he covered the broken tooth with a piece of gauze. One of his teammates called Dr. Hlavac’s office to schedule an emergency appointment that afternoon.

At the office, Dr. Hlavac was able to reshape Chris’s tooth, too. Instead of removing decay, the dentist removed the parts that Chris’s tooth that had been weakened by the softball.

And like Carl, Chris walked out with his new CEREC crown and his smile fully intact.

Clyde’s Overdue Filling

Clyde was the oldest of the brothers. When he was a teenager, he got a cavity and a filling to fix it.

More than a few years had passed since Clyde’s first filling, and he’d already had it replaced twice. Clyde noticed that his third filling was starting to separate from his teeth, and he knew that meant it was time for another replacement.

This time, however, he didn’t want just another filling. Clyde wanted something that could last for the rest of his life. Clyde also wanted a dental crown.

Dr. Hlavac explained that it’s was normal for fillings to wear down with time. It’s also common for a little more of the tooth to be removed with each replacement filling.

To fix this problem for good, Clyde got a dental crown, too. And just like his brothers, he got his CEREC crown on the same day as his first visit.

Could A Dental Crown Help You, Too?

We made up Carl, Chris, and Clyde to illustrate some of the ways we use dental crowns to help our dental patients in and around Concord, CA. You too may have a damaged, decayed, or discolored tooth. If so, a CEREC dental crown can fix your tooth and restore your smile in one day.

The ceramic used to create our crowns looks and feels like a real tooth. It’s also strong and durable so it can withstand the daily use that comes from replacing a tooth.

To learn more about our CEREC crowns or to make an appointment with Robert I. Hlavac, D.D.S., all you have to do is call 925-391-2718 or fill out our online form.