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Invisalign Has Clear Advantages In Concord, CA

  • January 22, 2016

Invisalign Has Clear Advantages In Concord, CA

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Is there anything you would like to accomplish this year in regards to your smile? Most of us were not blessed with a perfectly straight, evenly spaced smile. Still, it can be embarrassing to walk around with bad teeth. But that’s why we are here.

We actually have a wonderful orthodontic solution for adults looking to straighten out the bothersome aspects of their smile.

A Straighter Smile At Any Age

If you are an adult who doesn’t want to deal with traditional orthodontic treatments that fill your mouth with metal brackets and wires for 2-3 years, we completely understand.

That’s why we offer a system designed to deliver the smile of your dreams without any of the headaches associated with old-school braces. It’s called Invisalign, and we think you will be impressed by all that it has to offer.

Invisalign Is A Fresh Approach To An Age-Old Problem

Invisalign “clear braces” take a different approach to orthodontics by shifting your teeth through a series of transitional stages, each one getting you closer to your desired results.

When you come into our office to get started, we will plot out your treatment schedule so we will all know exactly what to expect at each step along the way.

From these detailed images of your mouth, our team can design a succession of clear plastic aligners that you will then swap out every two weeks to keep the realignment moving forward.

Rather than harsh metal wires and brackets, Invisalign aligners are made of a high-grade polyurethane that is gentle to your gums, cheeks and tongue, and nearly invisible to the human eye.

Perhaps the best feature of Invisalign is that these smooth, comfortable aligners are also removable. You won’t be stuck with orthodontic gear in your mouth 24/7 while treatment is taking place.

That said, they will need to be worn most of the time for the process to work. But they can be taken out for meals, and for simple cleaning purposes. In fact, you just rinse them under warm water and pop them back in. There won’t be any weird tools or brushes required for maintenance.

Invisalign aligners can also do double duty as a mouth guard, if you need them to.

If you are prone to grinding your teeth or clenching your jaws, Invisalign aligners will protect your teeth from excessive wear, while they are shifting everything into place.

What more could you ask for?

The Advantages Are Clear

Invisalign is a safe, subtle, and very effective way to go. With this method, you won’t wave to wait around for 2-3 years to see an improvement, either. Total treatment time is usually only about 12 months, depending on the situation when we start.

Truly this is a perfect solution for adults who could benefit from orthodontics but don’t want to be made to feel like an awkward teenager again.

See Right Away If Invisalign Is Right For You

We hope you will be inspired to take the next step! Full disclosure: Invisalign is not the right fit for everyone. But it is certainly worth exploring. Find out today if you are a good candidate for an Invisalign treatment in Concord, CA. Click here to schedule your consultation!