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How to Be Prepared for a Dental Emergency

  • July 8, 2015

Hello, everybody! Welcome to the recurring dental blog from the office of Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation. One of the most important tools in your defense against tooth decay and gum disease is information. That is why we use this blog to reach out to the wonderful people of Concord, CA and provide reliable information in a convenient forum. We want you to be able to make wise choices concerning your oral health and that of your family. So, we make it part of our overall mission to give you the information you need to do so.

Healthy oral hygiene habits are essential for quality at home dental care, but even if your routines are beyond reproach, there is only so much you can do to protect the health of your teeth. Eventually, you will have to go out into the world, and when you do, you become vulnerable to dental emergencies. No matter how careful you are, accidents will happen. You may always behave in a safe and responsible manner, but you can’t control what how the people around you behave. That means there could always be a dental emergency around the corner.

Even though you can can not predict when or where a dental emergency will occur, you can make sure that you are prepared. Keeping several dental emergency kits handy, in places like your car and bathroom, will lessen the chances that an injury to your teeth will leave permanent damage.

A dental emergency it is similar to a first aid kit, only with supplies that will be particularly helpful in a dental emergency. Here is a list of supplies you will want to make sure to have on hand in case of an injury to your mouth. Staying calm and reacting quickly will raise the likelihood that we can reverse any dental damage as a result of an accident.

Your Dental Emergency Kit:

Sterile Gauze – A necessity for an emergency supply preparation, sterile gauze are so important because they are so versatile. If you lose a tooth or have a soft-tissue injury, like biting your tongue, it is important that you stop the bleeding. Moisten your sterile gauze with some clean water and use it to apply pressure to your injury. If the bleeding does not stop after fifteen minutes of direct pressure, then head to the emergency room. Stitches may be in order.

Tweezers – Handling a chipped or knocked out can be tricky, especially since you need to take care not to touch the root. Keeping a pair of tweezers in your dental emergency kit will helpful in those situations.

Pain Relievers – One thing you can almost be certain of when it comes to dental injuries is that they are going to hurt. It won’t do you any good to try to endure the pain before you get to our office in Concord, so make sure you keep some ibuprofen or acetaminophen in your dental emergency kit. Dealing with the pain will help you stay calm while you are waiting for treatment, so do not hesitate to use pain medication when appropriate. However, it is a good idea to stay away from aspirin in an emergency. Since it is a blood thinner, it could make bleeding worse or hard to stop.

A Small Container – If you do knock out or break a tooth, you will need someplace to store the tooth or fragment. A small container that can hold liquids is ideal for keeping a tooth safe until you get to our office. Cover the tooth in milk and be on your way quickly and your chances are pretty high that we can fully restore restore the tooth.

This container will also be useful if you have a broken dental appliance, like an athletic mouth guard or dentures.

Keep Our Number on a Card

The last thing you want in a dental emergency is to have to scramble for the number of Robert I. Hlavac, Dental Corporation. So write 925-391-2718 on a card and keep it in your dental emergency kit. It is also a good idea to keep our number programed into your phone for quick and easy access.

Don’t forget to make regular visits to our office in Concord. We will keep your teeth clean and healthy, as well as give you more advice about about how to prepare for a dental emergency.

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